Winter Trapping & Care Tips

Spay/neuter is not a seasonal matter when it comes to preventing the birth of kittens. Surgery is available year round if new cats are seen in your area.

Females require additional recovery time indoors (about 1-2 weeks depending on weather conditions) for their exposed bellies to heal properly. It’s recommended that shelter be provided to ensure better recovery for all cats after surgery and during cold or wet weather. 

Provide a straw-filled shelter and face door toward a wall or away from wind.

Do not use rugs or towels inside shelter; they can get wet and freeze.

Use wooden shelters in coyote-prone areas. Shelters are available for purchase or build your own winter shelter. Free straw is often available from Spay and Stay, call or email for availability.

Mix dry kitten food with usual food to increase calorie intake.

Give wet food when possible to increase water intake. Snow is not a substitute.

Put a pinch of sugar in water to reduce freezing. Use dark-colored heavy bowls or heated electric bowls.

Provide covered feeding areas where food and cats are out of the wind.