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Mission Statement

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Spay and Stay is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with compassionate individuals and local governments to humanely control the growth of the feral cat population in Lake County, Illinois.

Spay and stay is committed to implementing long-term solutions to significantly reduce the population of unaltered, free-roaming and abandoned domestic cats in our area.


Spay and Stay was started in 2002 by two compassionate women who were concerned about the number of stray and feral cats they were seeing in and around their communities and decided to do something to help. They found funding to start the first and only TNR group in Lake County, IL. Over 13,000 cats have been sterilized and vaccinated through Spay and Stay since 2002. 

Spay and Stay is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Board of Directors 

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Spay and Stay
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